Companies Direct has developed a kit for starting a business that has helped thousands of people. It covers topics like:

  • What steps are involved;
  • What business structure to use,
  • How to get started on the right foundations; and
  • It will potentially save you from costly mistakes.

The Tool Kit answers questions like:

  • Do I need a plan?
  • What business structure should I use?
  • What ATO registrations do I need?
  • Should I use my own money to start my business, or should I use finance?
  • What insurances are required?
  • Do I need a bank account?
  • What employee obligations apply?
  • And more.

Are you starting a business? When you use Companies Direct, you also receive:

  1. Our comprehensive ebook on the steps in starting a business;
  2. A 30-minute consultation; and
  3. All the necessary documents and relevant business registrations in one kit.

In the meantime, access our free tool kit on starting a business from the following link:

==> Tool Kit For Starting a Business

You can also call our office directly and talk to a real person on 07 32083888.

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